Kitchen Boutique ...

We call ourselves a boutique because we’ve carefully selected the product lines in our store to represent he high quality cookware, tools and accessories we use in our own kitchen. We take the guesswork out of stocking your kitchen; therefore our product selection of cookware and tools includes timeless essentials that are known for their quality, durability and beauty. You won’t find useless gadgets in our store we only sell what we think are truly quality and useful products.

Gift Giving

Our customers enjoy a shopping experience like no other .Discerning gift givers will find unique items including pottery, textiles, spices and food, not readily available elsewhere.

Living Green

We know the importance of leaving a lighter footprint on the earth and are proud to carry a beautiful, unique selection of green products. One of a kind wood bowls from Root Works is carved from the Chinese Fir tree, a renewable resource. Additionally, biodegradable all in one herb gardens, bamboo picnic accessories and fashionable reusable shopping totes are available in our boutique.